Welcome to the Federation of Data Protection Consultants

Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India (FDPPI) has launched this Platform to bring together all the Data Protection Consultants in India on one platform.

The objective of this Platform is to provide a facility for professionals who would like to offer their services as “Consultants” in the field of Data Protection to come together and identify opportunities and execute them and at the same time facilitate organizations to seek such services.

This is not meant to be a job hunting website and all registered consultants are deemed to provide a commitment of availability for a minimum period required for the assignment accepted. 

The Platform would like to promote entrepreneurs who could assist organizations as external DPO consultants, Data Protection Compliance implementation consultants and Data Auditors.

Registration is also open for Consultants for HIPAA or GDPR or CCPA. 

Registration is also open for Information Security consultants who can undertake ISO 27001 or PCI DSS or ITA 2008 audits or consultancy .

New areas of consultancy relevant to the Data Protection and Data Governance would be welcome.

On receipt of request for empanelment by a professional,  a committee will screen the applications and confirm registrations after calling for and verifying any further information as may be required. 

The platform will separately receive enquiries for consultancy from organizations and share them  with appropriate consultants after which short list of empanelled consultants would be sent to the clients for further discussion and finalization.

A Registrar of the Platform would manage the pre-consultancy negotiations and also work as the trusted escrow agent for the services and the consideration. 

The platform will be affiliated to FDPPI and pay an affiliation fee. The Registrar will manage the service under the guidance of an advisory committee. 

At present the details of the registered consultants would be held confidential.

Any request for a Data Protection Consultancy request can be sent by e-mail to admin@fdpc.in with brief details of the requirement or by using the enquiry form. A relationship manager will be assigned to take the enquiry further and suggest a consultancy partner for further action.




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